Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sophomore Slump

No, I’m not a recording artist, but as someone who took a venture to start blogging on a whim after a relaxing bath I’m starting to think this over. Am I really a blogger? Do I have anything substantial to say…consistently? Today marks my second series of blog postings....will it be a hit, or a sophomore slump?

I don’t want to be someone who starts a project and then it fizzles out due to…well, it sucked and no one cared (not even me).

Was I a one-hit wonder because I got some friends who called/texted me “I loved your blog”, accompanied by Facebook love.  How do I sustain that?

I wonder if that’s how my students feel when I say “great job!” The adverse affect of positive praise and reception is that we’re not sure if we can recreate it/live up to those moments where we did well.

As someone who’s frame of reference for consistent accolades primarily revolved around scholastic achievements, I found solace that my natural motivation to do well in school was affirmed and revered by others. I didn’t associate risks with school and educational pursuits, it wasn’t always easy –but I knew I could do it. I knew I had people telling me that I was smart and had a track record of “doing well” to back it up. It was a welcomed challenge.

But what about a blog? There’s no template for me in that. Sure I have editorial experience in junior high and high school yearbooks, sure I wrote for the college newspaper…but how much weight does that carry in the illustrious blogosphere world where everyone is a self-proclaimed amazing blogger. Who am I? 

Do I think I can write an interesting blog that’s not too much of my random babbling/venting and philosophies? Will people understand and respond favorably to the things I have to say? Who knows…I’m not an expert, I’m just like you.  Until then, I’m taking it one post at a time.  

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