Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Solitude vs. Loneliness

The art of solitude. It's knowing how to be by yourself and to enjoy that time. That's a skill that I'm always perfecting. Some times in my life I've been really good at it...others, not so much. I decided to make a video short documenting some of the things I do to find solitude.

I set it to Bilal's "Lost for Now" because I thought the song best captured the catalyst that pushed me to practice enjoying my company (a break-up in Sept 2012). I guess 6 months have passed since then and I've made a lot of progress in going from loneliness to solitude.

Now remember, you are reading the UNexpert, with that said...this video is not going to be nominated for any awards, it's very amateur. I'm hoping you can connect to it though when you've had moments where you are your best company.

Feel free to leave comments, and tell me some of the things that you do to enjoy your "you" time.

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