Monday, October 14, 2013

27 Things I've Learned About Myself. The Good...the Bad & the Random

Over the summer, I got to celebrate my 27th birthday with loved ones. I love birthdays because they are the only day that everyone gets to feel special and be celebrated just because of who they are.

When you’re a kid, a lot of the focus on your birthday revolves around what you want as far as material things like toys, bikes, parties etc. But as I’ve gotten older, when people ask, “what do you want for your birthday?”, I usually struggle in coming up with an answer because a lot of the things I want are less tangible and just have to play out over time (that or the things I want are ridiculously expensive or unrealistic. “Do you think you could pay off this credit card for me? “ “How about a trip to Greece, South Africa and Paris for my birthday? Most folks aren’t doing that.)

Anywho, one of the great things about getting older is that you reflect on where you are in your life and then compare it to where you thought you would be and where you want to go. I had always heard that you get to know yourself better with age, and I know that I still have SOOO much more to learn. Usually with milestone ages, there’s a lot of fanfare, accouterments, and unquestioned respect and appreciation people receive simply for reaching that age. But what about all the interim and random ages that go under recognized? This year I turned 27…what’s so special about 27? Besides that movie 27 dresses, I really couldn’t think of a time when 27 got a lot of props….so I decided that a list of 27 things that I’ve learned about myself was most appropriate.  With that said…in no particular order…here it is:

  1. Somehow, some kind of way I have developed a habit of procrastination. I have managed it well and sometimes do my best work under pressure. I will deal with this all of my life and accept it as the way it is.
  2. I am a very generous person, and I like that about myself
  3. I love being organized, but it is very hard for me to stay organized.
  4. I am sensitive
  5. I have cleverly crafted using guilt to get things. I’ve used it in a way that some people don’t realize that I’m even using it. I aim not to do that & have fully disclosed it with close friends so they can call me out on it
  6. I make a lot of weird noises and sounds when no one is around, I actually find it to be a weird form of release
  7. I am an introverted extrovert, read up on it more here if you care to:
  8. I am a forgiving person
  9. I am comfortable with being the center of attention or a leader, but it is not something I seek out intentionally
  10. All my friends are witty and I appreciate that form of humor
  11. When I commit to a task, job, or role I am extremely dedicated and passionate
  12.  I have gotten more crass as I’ve gotten older…and I’m sort of okay with that, lol
  13. I appreciate small thoughtful gestures over large grand gestures
  14. I hold on to what people say sometimes more than what they do
  15. I am genuinely authentic and polite
  16. At my worst I am condescending, snide and dramatic
  17. I really enjoy adventure and physical activities, despite never seeing myself as an athlete growing up
  18. I enjoy giving compliments
  19. I feel like I hear, process and am connected to music more intensely than most people
  20. I am creative
  21. All of my close friends are influencers in my life. They teach me new things and help make me a better person
  22. I have a lot of self-motivation and drive
  23. My favorite foods are French fries, lime popsicles, raspberries and pizza
  24. Every time I try to bulk up by increasing my food/caloric intake, I see most of the weight gain in my stomach. I will have to work out some day or just accept my thin frame
  25. My family makes me feel extremely loved and that has helped me feel comfortable expressing love to friends and romantic partners
  26. I like my full name: Brandon Christopher Byrd.
  27. I would read a list of facts about a person I cared about too, so thank you for reading


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