Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gay Christians...Oxy Moron or Bona fide Believers

 Gays can get married now! The gays can get married! Go to your local Chick-Fil-A and Christian congregation and share the good news. Before you take my advice and run to your local (alleged and/or potential) anti-gay establishment, please adhere to the following steps so that you are well-prepared if someone pushes back on you and says that being gay is an abomination and/or a sin.

 STEP 1: Watch Fish Out of Water. This documentary dissects the scriptures which are often used to condemn homosexuality. You can watch the full documentary on NETFLIX.

STEP 2: Watch For the Bible Tells Me So, a documentary that uses the BIBLE to advocate acceptance and love rather than judgment and disdain. The full documentary is on YouTube 

STEP 3: Watch Prayers for Bobby. The made for TV movie is a true story about a Christian family that comes to understand homosexuality once it actually affects them. Full movie is on YouTube.

 Even if you don’t watch ALL or ANY of these documentaries, it’s good to know what your resources are in the event you ever have to confront beliefs (including your own) about religion and homosexuality. I would even encourage non-Christians that support gays to check it out, just to see the intersections of how religion has been used to oppress gays for a very long time.

 Now…who wants BBQ sauce with their Chick-fil-A 12-piece nuggets??

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