Monday, December 29, 2014

Confessions of an Amateur Blogger

It’s been hard for me to finish a thoughtful post that I am proud of since June 2014. You could officially say I have writer’s block…which is weird because there have been/there are plenty of things to talk about since my last update. With the new layout, it’s pretty easy to see the various silos that I’ve had a knack for writing about.

Socio-political commentary, relationships,  spirituality, my professional life and quirky relatability seem to be my strongest suits of writing. While I am an UnExpert blogger, and I have the amateur views/stats and aesthetic design to validate my inexpertise,  the readers of my blog have told me that they actually find my content and words to be pretty thoughtful, witty, and relevant. While that is encouraging, presently it hasn’t been easy for me to sustain that level of writing.

In the event that anyone is reading this and cares, all I can really say is THANK YOU. Every encouraging word, social media like, text, or random spike in views from the data tracker have given me the confidence and affirmation to continue to express my ideas through my writing. I started this blog on a whim with no real foresight or identity as a writer. I had no clue how much of a tool it would be for me to create, release, and reflect.

I certainly intend to honor the spirit in which I started this blog…a happenstance site of thoughts with no authority,  and a situational relatable source of affirmation.

I’m opening myself up to writing about other aspects of my life that I don’t typically tend to analyze beyond face value.  My finances, travel excursions, personal fitness and short story telling. We’ll see how that goes.

Right now I can’t force the write….but when it’s right,  the words will flow and I’ll be happy to post. I’m actually feeling a bit more inspired. Until then…read something old or leave me a comment.

- Brandon

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