Monday, July 20, 2015

Don't Feed the Animals - Avoiding Predatory People

DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS – a warning prompt at zoos or along paths near camps, parks and ponds full of greedy animals that are prone to believe you have an endless supply of food if thrown their way. Whether these animals are seemingly harmless or ravenously carnivorous, the theme that remains consistent from "don't feed the animals" is a cautionary piece of advice that could save you from being bombarded by a swarm of relentless ducks or in some extreme cases being attacked by an agitated bear. 

So when I heard the “don’t feed the animals” warning put to the tune of music beyond a zoo-sing-a-long for-kids type of way by Emily King, the lyrics really caught my attention.

Big teeth in your face
Claws like a razor blade
Never ever again will I ever be friends with a big bad wolf like you

Poison that will eat you alive
Tongue like a dragon fire
Never ever again will I ever be friends with a creepy little snake like you

Didn’t learn the first time,
But oh I learned the second time
Never again will we ever be friends
They told me don’t feed the animals

Besides the song’s incredible chanteuse and melodious harmonies, it got me thinking about its theme. The song’s lyrics are encouraging the listeners to be empowered through intuition, experience and self-care/preservation to not put themselves in situations where someone preys on their generosity or other nicety that can be misused.

At an initial thought over the lyrics, I began to wonder…who are the animals in my life? And then my mind went to, what are the situations that are animals in my life?  There are a host of bad habits, situations, and people that could be deemed as “animals” in the context of Emily King’s song. Even more, it made me think about how do you know when you’ve identified a predatory type “animal” person/situation in your life.

Hopefully this quick list of animals/people to avoid will help you discern when to throw away the bait, or at least keep it for yourself:

  • Messy Meerkats - People who try to get you to engage in gossip and then use your words against you. They mean you no good. If they will sit up there and talk nastily about someone else or distort their words, they will do it about you or defame your character for taking part in their antics

  • Pitiful Pandas – these are people who are perpetually in need  yet (un)intentionally negligent of your needs – I’m all for helping out a friend/lover/relative, yet this cute seemingly harmless animal will never extend that help back to you during your time of need. Don’t feed this animal.

  • Hating Hyenas. Enough said.

  • Sporadic Snake Snackers- These people are selectively reinforcing. They conveniently pick and choose when they want you around, get what they want out of you and have little regard for your feelings. They probably make you feel good when you’re around them, yet once they’ve gotten all they wanted from you they toss you to the side until their next feeding.  Don’t feed these animals.

  • Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. The Bible specifically discusses these folks. They’re fake and deceitful…once you’ve seen their true colors, don’t try and get them a better fitting sheep skin, it will never fit.

Let’s not even get on the topic of personal habits that can be animals. It takes consistent work on oneself when you realize you’re an animal to yourself and/or others. 

Enjoy the full song and video that inspired this post below:

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